Hello, I am Luzie Neudeck, also known as Lulu, Komet Lulu or Lulu Artwork, an artist and musician based in Germany.

I started painting and drawing as a kid, and later on around 2008 I began offering comissions under the moniker Lulu Artwork, on myspace back then! :))
2009, I started with the band Electric Moon where I am known as Komet Lulu, as who I went contributing to different projects throughout the years since then.
2020, right short before the pandemic kicked in, my label and online shop Worst Bassist Records got born. Johnny the cat, my boss, and me are doing all we can to provide you guys with art, records and music.

Drawing, painting, taking photos and making music belongs to my passions in life, all inspired by nature and the vibe I get from it, on so many different levels. 

I do graphic designs, logos and record sleeves for bands, for example, or comission paintings. Just take a look at my gallery and if you feel it, you can contact me :) 

Also, I sell merch, prints and paintings via my Worst Bassist online shop, where you also find records of Electric Moon and other projects I am involved in, amongst other ace records and bands! :) 

Thanks and much love,

float through my portfolio

Here you find a lot of my artworks sorted by category, like paintings, photos, record covers etc. Enjoy :)